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Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
things turn? how quickly from good to bad? can they turn from the dime? from the economy from smoking hot to ice cold overnight. can we go from thinking we are working our way out of a long-term jam to game over? the buzzer, that's what was swirling through everybody's heads today. the market got whacked again. we did have a bit of a late-day comeback. the dow sang nearly 47 points. and don't forget, yesterday the worst day of the s & p for the day. today, down another 1.04%. the speed things got negatively is breath taking, too breath taking if you ask me. considering my "squawk on the street" partner, how do things flip so quickly? sequester, housing, to europe, all went from benign to pernicious in one week. is that possible? >> i think things got more mixed, less positive. mixed dada doesn't jive with a market up 8%, where we were when things turned sour. not so negative. we should give up this week's gains. i said for many, too much negativity to handle without taking aggressive selling action. i get that. i don't dismiss anything as important as the huge down turn in commodities
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
the economy should ever account for more than 20% of your portfolio. so if you own five stocks, only one could be a tech stock, only one a health care stock, only one a financial, only one can be an energy company only one an industrial and only one can be a food and beverage maker. what if you're not sure? always err on the side of caution. if two stocks trade together, if the underlying companies succeed or fail based on the same factors, then you're not diversified. an oil driller and oil producer, we often get those on wednesday, people think they're different. they're both part of the same sector. software and hardware, they're both techs, like it or not. i'm not doing this to be arbitrary or capricious or make it more difficult now to pick stocks. these aren't vague technicalities. when you get too concentrated in one area the moment something bad happens one to of those big stocks, you're going to want to throw yourself off a bridge because the losses will be enormous. imagine if you owned too many industrials when the global economy started slowing down because of europe and
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
restaurant economy. the darn thing has been ripe for the taking for years and years. it always amazed me it hadn't been taken before. the bears chide optimists, lacking in rigor, yet when i questioned why a goldman sachs analyst would put a sell on a great company like heinz, nobody else seemed to think it was odd at all. we've been zero-summing here for ages, and if they're reaching for manitowoc and terex, not just caterpillar and deere, now you know it's time to rotate out of heinz. don't we like sell sell sell when we buy buy buy. isn't that the plan? i don't know. that's not the plan for everybody. warren buffett, he doesn't care about sector rotations. he cares about acquires brands, lasting brands for less, some sort of consummate wholesale buyer likes brands for less. now it's his. who was really complacent here? i say it was the goldman analysts, not the buyers. how about dell? you really think that dell, which supported slightly better than expected numbers, is that that much better than heinz? once again, here's the stock that's been left for dead. nobody even cares, maybe
Feb 23, 2013 3:00am EST
weakness in the economy, including another leg down in europe and a possible pause in the great chinese comeback, or if he says things are gotten so terrible that he's got to buy even more bonds, something that drives the conservatives crazy, then look for more days like wednesday and thursday. no matter what we get from all of these earnings. if we didn't have the testimony, then we would be spending the whole week parsing the language of retail as a whole host of them are reporting. for example, is the bullish home repair theme still intact? the one i keep talking about on the show. how about we give a listen to lowe's on monday? and home depot on tuesday. both of these companies have been soaring on the thesis that with housing roaring back people need either to fix up their old house in order to sell it or fix up their new house to improve it. the thesis is it's finally worth it to put money into improving your home because with home prices rising, and they are from the numbers we saw earlier this week, you can get your money back and then some. just like the old days. we'll
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
watch him, don't fight the tape and don't fight the fed. if the economy is going to slow down because of the fed, don't filt that as a gardener, even if i am a savage fighting machine gardener, i like the concept of rain. i like to believe you can have a garden variety squall. i just think they we were due, over due. maybe for a bit of rain or a thunderstorm. for those of you who don't pay for espn. i saw green bay lose a bunch of games, i have written off the yankees, why can't the market have a losing session. and right after joe dimaggio broke his stree, he had another mini streak, he got 16 straight games with hits. he was due. over due. bottom line. i believe today was not an important water shed session. there are things going wrong, okay. i think this market, let's give it a rest. i think it comes back, jim. john in florida. >> two months later, the sba didn't approve the hepetittis vaccine. they are coming to a vote again for this vaccine. >> the first time in five years, just kidding, they mentioned i got amlin wrong, i think people watch the show, i did a huge episode how i
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
spooked the market. sounds like the fed's worried something good could be happening in the economy. something like they see like loan growth or job growth, we don't want that, right? job growth, that's terrifying. it means the fed won't keep interest rates down anymore. what we want, obviously, is permanent bad news. be careful, we had a similar selloff when the last notes came out, that was followed by a rally of epic proportions. as good a reason as any to take profits. then we have the sequester sneaking up on us again, that bid to cut federal spending with a meat axe. hmm, i thought we wanted government spending cutback? isn't that what people are clambering for? everyone says it's bad and it's going to hit the military really hard, right? lead story in "usa today" says so. let me ask you a question, how the heck did the philly defense index hit an all-time high in this session if the defense department's really going to get whacked. the sequester bark may be a tad less than its bite. what kind of word is sequester anyway? i don't want to fear words that seem like they're kind
Feb 21, 2013 3:00am EST
global economy, do you feel that source fire is a good play in the market? >> i am concerned that these are high-flying stocks that when they make mistakes get crushed. i do believe in the thesis, but i feel like i've played the thesis a lot and i don't want to go overboard. for instance, i like flir, f-l-i-r. if i owned that one, i would ring the register. let's go to tom in new york. please, tom? >> caller: booyah, mr. cramer. potsburg, new york. >> oh, man, b-52, what's going on? 2. >> caller: hey, just trying to survive the winter. >> yeah. >> caller: listen, thank you for all you do. i'm a new investor. i'm a small ip ves tor. i've made a little bit of money in the last six weeks, but i'm really scared about this sequestration. should i show my positions by the 28th of february and maybe just sit on the sideline and let it ride out? >> i am never going to try to talk someone into a market where they don't have the conviction to be able to stay in. i do believe that if that's the way you feel -- remember, we had the fiscal cliff. it turned out to be a buying opportunity. if you want
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)